• Hemp’s Premier Place for Live Bidding, Baseline Prices, and CBD Product Sales

    International Hemp Auction and Market (IHAM)

    Franklin, TN

    November 19-21, 2019

  • Don’t miss the hemp event of the year – save the date and plan now!

    Players big and small from across the continent are gathering in the hub of the Hemp Heartland to bid for fair and competitive prices for hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) products at North America’s largest live international hemp auction to date.

  • IHAM Nashville 2019

    The largest hemp auction to date will establish fair and competitive prices, support industry legislation, and join buyers and growers for live bidding and CBD sales.

    • Minimum target goal of one million pounds
    • Three-day event – all day and night if needed
    • A thousand or more farmers, growers, processors and traders
    • Stadium-style seating for more than 4,000 people
    • 175,000 square feet of climate-controlled space
    • Entertainment, concessions and food trucks
    • A portion of proceeds supporting education and advocacy for select legislation/regulations

  • IHAM is Where Farm Meets Market

    Hundreds of buyers for extraction and processing are seeking quality inventory for consumer demand and to maximize processing operations.


    Thousands of growers/sellers want fair, market pricing for their hard work and quality products.

  • The full line-up of products* on auction is expected to include:

    • Hemp Biomass
    • Smokable Hemp Flower
    • CBD Crude Oil
    • CBD Distillate 
    • CBD Isolate
    • CBD Blends
    • CBG Products
    • Seed, Mothers, Seedlings, and Clones 

  • Hemp Biomass for CBD Extraction

    Dried biomass for CBD extraction will be sold in Super Sack lots on-site, or Super Sack quantities may be brought on-site as representative samples of the larger quantity. Buyers are more likely to pay for what they can see, touch, and smell, so the more biomass a grower brings to auction for examination, the greater a buyer's confidence and the possibility for premium pricing.

  • Smokable Hemp Flower

    Smokable flower may be sold at auction when accompanied by a completed Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab. Small packs weighing one pound or less may command price premiums. For substantial quantities, Super Sacks will be necessary for continuity and handling. Smell and trim quality are important to earn the best price for smokable flower, so sellers are encouraged to bring smokable flower in air-tight containers as buyers will want to examine closely before executing a deal.

  • CBD Crude, Distillate, Isolate, Blends

    Retailers and product formulators are seeking quality distillate, isolate, and volume blends. These products can be sold only when accompanied by a third-party COA confirming products are less than 0.30% THC, and only within permissible limits of heavy metals and/or pesticides. These may be sold at auction whether transported onsite or not, but products that fail to meet the guidelines of state and federal legal limits and accompany a third-party COA from a licensed lab are prohibited.

  • Mothers, Seeds, Seedlings, and Clones

    COAs for mothers, seeds, seedlings, and clones † may be pre-sold at auction for the 2020 growing season. No actual seeds or live plants will be allowed on site. Additional evidence, such as high-resolution pictures, and written or oral testimonies to support genetic claims, should be submitted with a third-party COA to help validate specifications.


  • Mark your calendars and get connected today!

    Word-of-mouth among buyers and sellers of hemp products is moving fast, and the response from people across the continent is overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

    It’s harvest time, and there is great need for hemp growers to connect their products with buyers. Time is tight, but we’re working to exceed expectations with a world-class event for international buyers, farmers, equipment and machinery suppliers, vendors and retail suppliers, and all consumers of CBD products.

    By requesting information now for this industry-defining event, you’ll be placed on the ground floor of what we believe is an industry first.

  • Buyers/Sellers

    Formal applications and registration for buyers and sellers open September 16, 2019!

    The early-bird registration will extend for one month until October 16, 2019. Application fees will be required and range depending for buying or selling and registration dates. By registering, buyers and sellers will agree to commission premiums for each transaction. Many significant inquiries for registration have been made already and those individuals will receive advance notice for the period of application/registration. We want to accommodate all growers, but priority will be given in order of inquiry and registration. Now is the time to register your interest and ensure you receive advance notice as well.


    Event sponsorship opportunities at various levels are available for discussion now!


    Valuable investments in your brand range from "Presenting" to "Supporting" sponsorships. A wide range of benefits is included at each level. Fast-moving category exclusives are being considered now as well. Let us know what you might be interested to consider.


    Exhibitor and vendor booth space is on sale September 16, 2019!

    More than 100 units will be allocated for sale. Spaces will be offered in 10’X10’ and 6’X10’ (limited) units. There are also some exclusive ‘30X30’ positions on the buyer floor being planned as well. Tell us what you want to bring for sale or show and we’ll get you the information you need.


    General admission tickets are on sale September 16, 2019!

    Tickets will be competitively priced and offered for single-day access, as well as three-day passes. Ticketing tiers are being finalized for adults 18 years or older; seniors 60 years or older; and students with valid educational institution identification, veterans, first responders and youth ages 13-17 years old. All children under 12 years of age can attend for free.

  • Participate in IHAM 2019

    Express your interest by completing this form. Your interest doesn’t obligate you to anything, but does put you on our list for direct communications.


    Come back for registration starting Monday, September 16, 2019. Immediately following, approved registration packets will describe all the steps necessary for participation in IHAM Nashville 2019.


    Check back to this website often for valuable updates as well.



    1) Everyone bringing product to be sold must present a personal ID (such as a driver's license) that coincides with a valid copy of a license to grow or process hemp from his or her state.


    2) ANY ITEM brought to auction must be accompanied with a COA from a certified third-party lab showing less than 0.3% THC.


    3) An easy-to-complete movement permit (https://agriculture.tn.gov/HempPermit/) from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) will be required for all, whether from Tennessee or another state.


    4) A seller will be allowed to sell absolute, or reserved. There will be a seller's fee for reserved product that does not sell; for product sold, there will be a simple seller's and buyer's premium calculated on a graduated scale based upon volume.

  • Just in time for the holidays, more than 100 merchants, retailers and suppliers will convene in Franklin, TN, to sell the latest CBD and hemp products below suggested retail prices to thousands of regular customers and eager holiday shoppers.


    Worldwide retailers and vendors will convene with CBD, hemp and holiday shoppers for a market unlike any other. The harvest season and live auction action will set an exciting mood for this unique shopping experience.


    Offering a full variety of CBD and hemp products, we’re expecting top sellers to bring leading organic and conventional products (all less than 0.3% THC) for sale well below suggested retail prices.​

    • Pure Oils and Tinctures
    • Creams, Lotions, and Other Topicals
    • Capsules and Supplements
    • Assorted Edibles
    • Skin and Hair Products
    • Pet Products
    • Full and Broad-spectrum Products
    • Isolates
    • Nano-CBDs
    • Hand goods, Clothing, and Accessories
    • Smokable Hemp Products
  • The Largest Ag Expo Park in the Hub of Hemp Heartland

    The Williamson County Agricultural Exposition Park is located 25 miles from downtown Nashville at I-65 and Peytonsville Road (Exit #61) in Franklin, TN. The Ag Expo Park hosts more than 45 major events per year including trade shows, agricultural events, and everything between. It’s a perfect venue for the first ever live International Hemp Auction and Market.

  • News and Updates

    Stay up to date with IHAM 2019

    9.5.2019 - News: First International Hemp Auction and Market Announced.

    9.6.19 - Share: Hemp Auction Flier​

    9.6.19 - Share: Holiday CBD Market Flier

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    Southern Hemp Marketplace, LLC
    320 Huntsville Industrial Drive
    Huntsville, TN 37756-4155
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    If you are compelled to advance the cause please use these hashtags liberally #IHAMNashville2019 #HempAuctionMarket #NASHCBDMarket #GrowersAndBuyersConnected #HempTransparency #PROHempLegislation

  • Industry Leaders Moving Hemp to the Forefront

    Southern Hemp Marketplace (SHM), LLC. is the owner of the International Hemp Auction and Market. The company was formed primarily to help connect buyers and sellers of hemp products, and establish transparent baseline prices for the continent’s hemp crop and processed goods. The company recognizes there are many ways to buy and sell hemp, but seeks to level the playing field for all parties.


    Chief Executive Officer

    Southern Hemp Marketplace, LLC.

    Mark Case serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Southern Hemp Marketplace, LLC. In this role, Case is creating a world-class hemp auction platform to conduct live hemp biomass and CBD extract auctions at strategic locations across the country and at various intervals throughout the year. Case is also concurrently directing a seventy-acre hemp grow and is building a state-of-the-art extraction plant in east Tennessee.


    Case has successfully farmed hemp for CBD oil production and was the Chief Operating Officer for a commercial extractor. An entrepreneur, he has owned or co-owned and operated several small businesses, including a hazardous waste management company, an industrial wastewater treatment facility, a paper recycling company, and a commercial design/build construction company that extended to commercial development and land management for other firms. Case has served more than twenty years as president of an international non-profit organization, providing both Christian leadership seminar training on location and humanitarian assistance to people in underdeveloped countries across four continents. He currently oversees a Christian ministry organization in Andrea Pradesh, India.

    Case resides in Murfreesboro, Tenn., with his wife of 42 years, Debbie. They enjoy spending free time with their family of three children and six grandchildren.


    Chief Operating Officer

    Guy Case serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Southern Hemp Marketplace, LLC. In this role, he is accountable for overall logistics and operations of the growing auction platform to sell live hemp biomass, hemp products, and CBD extracts.


    Case grew medical cannabis in the early 2000s at the nation’s only licensed cannabis research farm in Oxford, Mississippi, and went on to found medical cannabis dispensaries in Michigan. Recently he has been helping hemp and CBD companies in Tennessee leverage his unique and robust experience in all things having to do with the Cannabis sativa plant.


    Case attended the University of Mississippi and earned his law degree from Western Michigan University. A native of Canton, Miss., Case currently lives in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and enjoys traveling with his wife Maria.



    Joe Kirkpatrick is currently in his fourth year as Tennessee’s chief lobbyist for the hemp industry. Having served as President of Tennessee Hemp Industries Association (TNHIA) since January 2017, he is transitioning to his role as the President of the Tennessee Growers Coalition, a political action committee dedicated to funding hemp-friendly elected officials. He is growing a hemp crop this year for his second time. Kirkpatrick also operates Nashville Flower CBD, a hemp consumables company with regional distribution.



    With her experience in organized medicine, Kelley Mathis Hess brings first-hand knowledge of membership trade associations and the importance of being involved in the political process. She currently serves as the Executive Director and Lobbyist for the Tennessee Growers Coalition, which she founded along with the current Director of Cannabis in Florida, and others in 2018 with the goal of supporting and protecting the Tennessee Hemp industry through political advocacy.



    Paul Oakley is an invaluable advisor for organizations seeking to engage stakeholders who matter most. He serves as the Communications Director for Tennessee Growers Coalition after nearly 25 years of managing PR, public affairs, sustainability, corporate and marketing communications programs for a range of domestic, international and global brands. Oakley earned his reputation delivering award-winning results and building high-performance agency and in-house communications teams worldwide. He has lived and worked across the United States, Europe and South America, and has worked extensively in Asia. Oakley honed his skills working with nonprofits, start-ups, mid-cap companies and Fortune 50 leaders primarily in the plastics, chemicals, materials and automotive segments. He is passionate about alternative and renewable technologies and applications. Oakley also is the owner and President of Tiny Mighty Communications.



    Clint Palmer’s passion for the hemp industry is infectious and his commitment to hemp education is evident in his business ventures. He co-founded the Tennessee Hemp Industries Association (TNHIA), the Tennessee Hemp Farm, and the TN Hemp Farmacy and now, he’s with Blühen Botanicals.



    Emily Gammell joined the Tennessee Growers Coalition as Director of Marketing & Membership after working in the non-profit patient and healthcare sector. She found her passion working in women’s health and advocating for chronic pain patients while living in New York State. Gammell knows first-hand how important it is to protect hemp laws and legislation, especially regarding medical treatment and believes everyone deserves safe and equal treatment, whether medically or holistically.

  • IHAM Collaborators

    IHAM 2019 is proudly working hand-in-hand with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture; Tennessee Bureau of Investigation; the Williamson Country Sheriff’s Department; the Franklin, TN, Police Department; and the Tennessee Growers Coalition​.


    Registration Opens September 16th

  • * SHM will process auction lots to verify each meets minimum requirements to qualify for the International Hemp Auction and Market (IHAM), but neither the company nor the auction can or will assume responsibility for guaranteeing product claims presented by each seller. Each lot will need to be accompanied by Certificates of Analysis (COAs), high-resolution images, as well as other specifications defined in final registration packets.


    † Moving live hemp plants (seedlings, clones, or mothers) requires movement permit(s) from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and from any state or territory through which these items are transported. Additional permitting may be necessary depending upon the state(s), other than Tennessee, through which viable plant material may be moved. Buyers and sellers are fully responsible for compliance with all federal and state regulations. International Hemp Auction and Market (IHAM), nor its owner Southern Hemp Marketplace, LLC, nor any related agents or agencies accept responsibility for compliance with state or federal law by event clients.


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