• Hemp’s Premier Place for Live Bidding, Baseline Prices, and CBD Product Sales

    International Hemp Auction and Market (IHAM)

    Williamson County AG Expo Park​

    Franklin, TN

    November 19-21, 2019

  • Don’t miss out on the most important hemp event of the year – save the date and plan now!

    Players big and small from across the continent are gathering November 19-21, 2019 in the hub of the Hemp Heartland to bid for fair and competitive prices for hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) products at North America’s largest live international hemp auction to date.

  • IHAM Nashville 2019


    The largest hemp auction to date will offer numerous hemp varieties for sale from farmers all across America. Among these offerings will be hemp biomass, smokable flower, and CBD extracts. Plus, a concurrent Holiday CBD Market open to the public will showcase vendors selling hemp and CBD products below retail prices! #IHAM2019 is one-stop shopping!

    • Three days of live auction action and vendor sales
    • Farmers, growers, processors and traders from around the continent
    • A large variety of terpene and cannabinoid profiles from Sellers with third party Certificates of Analysis (COAs)
    • Additional potency testing available for products on site
    • The latest hemp and CBD products below MSRP
    • A portion of proceeds supporting advocacy for legislation/regulations

    See IHAM Qualifications and Guidance

  • IHAM is Where Farm Meets Market

    Hundreds of Buyers for extraction and processing are seeking quality inventory for consumer demand and to maximize processing operations.


    Thousands of growers/Sellers want fair, market pricing for their hard work and quality products.

  • The full line-up of products* on auction is expected to include:

    • Hemp Biomass
    • Smokable Hemp Flower
    • CBD Crude Oil
    • CBD Distillate
    • CBD Isolate
    • CBD Blends
    • CBG Products

  • Hemp Biomass for CBD Extraction

    When accompanied by a completed Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab, dried biomass for CBD extraction will be sold in Super Sack lots on-site, or Super Sack quantities may be brought on-site as representative samples of the larger quantity. Buyers are more likely to pay for what they can see, touch, and smell, so the more biomass a grower brings to auction for examination, the greater a Buyer's confidence and the possibility for premium pricing.

  • Smokable Hemp Flower

    Smokable flower may be sold at auction when accompanied by a completed COA from a third-party lab. Small packs weighing one pound or less may command price premiums. For substantial quantities, Super Sacks will be necessary for continuity and handling. Smell and trim quality are important to earn the best price for smokable flower, so Sellers are encouraged to bring smokable flower in air-tight containers as Buyers will want to examine closely before executing a deal.

  • CBD Crude, Distillate, Isolate, Blends

    Retailers and product formulators are seeking quality distillate, isolate, and volume blends. These products can be sold only when accompanied by a third-party COA confirming products are less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, and only within permissible limits of heavy metals and/or pesticides. These may be sold at auction whether transported on-site or not, but products that fail to meet the guidelines of state and federal legal limits and accompany a third-party COA from a licensed lab are prohibited.

  • Live Products

    Demand from Buyers and Sellers for mothers, seeds, seedlings, and clones † has been amazing and is increasing every day. IHAM 2019 is unable to auction live products, but interested Sellers will need to register for a Vendor booth in the Holiday CBD Market. Vendors may sell these products using representative evidence, such as high-resolution pictures, and written or oral testimonies to support genetic claims, and should provide third-party COAs to help validate specifications.​ Note, that no rooted plants are allowed on-site. Vendors can display cut plants in water, or cut plants in a potted growing medium, but the plants cannot be rooted.



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  • Southern Hemp Marketplace (SHM), LLC. is the owner of the International Hemp Auction and Market. The company was formed primarily to help connect buyers and sellers of hemp products, and establish transparent baseline prices for the continent’s hemp crop and processed goods. The company recognizes there are many ways to buy and sell hemp, but seeks to level the playing field for all parties.


    Founder and CEO

    Mark Case is the Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Southern Hemp Marketplace, LLC. In this role, Case is creating a world-class hemp auction platform to conduct live hemp biomass and CBD extract auctions at strategic locations across the country and at various intervals throughout the year. Case is also concurrently directing a seventy-acre hemp grow and is building a state-of-the-art extraction plant in east Tennessee.


    Case has successfully farmed hemp for CBD oil production and was the Chief Operating Officer for a commercial extractor. He has owned or co-owned and operated several small businesses, including a hazardous waste management company, an industrial wastewater treatment facility, a paper recycling company, and a commercial design/build construction company.


    Case has served more than twenty years as president of an international non-profit organization, providing both Christian leadership seminar training and humanitarian assistance in underdeveloped countries. He oversees a Christian ministry in Andrea Pradesh, India. Case resides in Murfreesboro, Tenn., with his wife of 42 years, Debbie.

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  • * SHM will process auction lots to verify each meets minimum requirements to qualify for the International Hemp Auction and Market (IHAM), but neither the company nor the auction can or will assume responsibility for guaranteeing product claims presented by each seller. Each lot will need to be accompanied by Certificates of Analysis (COAs), high-resolution images, as well as other specifications defined in final registration packets.


    † Moving live hemp plants (seedlings, clones, or mothers) requires movement permit(s) from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and from any state or territory through which these items are transported. Additional permitting may be necessary depending upon the state(s), other than Tennessee, through which viable plant material may be moved. Buyers and Sellers are fully responsible for compliance with all federal and state regulations. International Hemp Auction and Market (IHAM), nor its owner Southern Hemp Marketplace, LLC, nor any related agents or agencies accept responsibility for compliance with state or federal law by event clients.


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