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  • Location? Williams County Ag Expo Park, Franklin, TN
    Dates? November 19-21, 2019
    Open Hours? 10:00 – 8:00
    Auction Hours? 10:00 – 3:00 (or as long as necessary)
    Material Handling? SHM will have men and forklifts to assist with offloading and handling
    Material Staging? Material will be kept under cover onsite
    Material Security? Williamson County Sheriff deputies will assist with 24 hour security


    Selling at Auction?

    • Hemp Biomass
    • Smokable Flower
    • CBD Extract Blends (below 0.30% THC)

    Registration Fee? $200


    Sign Up? Easy Online

    • Fill out simple application
    • Send and wait for approval email within hours (check spam or junk email boxes after 12 hrs.)
    • Click on link in approval email
    • Pay registration to finish


    • A Complete COA taken from each product lot showing less than 0.30% THC, done by a third-party lab, including proof of heavy metals and pesticides

    Auction Rule?

    • Reserve
    • Absolute

    Absolute Seller Fees?

    • 5% with a 1% discount for Tennessee growers up to 5,000 pounds
    • 4% on 5,001 – 50,000 pounds
    • 3% on 50,001 and above (1% rebate applies only to 5% TN grower lots)

    Biomass Reserve Fees?

    • $300 on 1,000 pounds or less
    • $500 on 1,001 – 5,000 pounds
    • $750 on 5,001 – 10,000 pounds
    • $1,000 on 10,001 – 50,000 pounds
    • $2,000 on 50,001 pounds and above


    Smokable Flower Reserve Fees?

    • $300 on 50 - 100 pounds
    • $500 on 101 - 500 pounds
    • $750 on 501 pounds and above

    CBD Extract Blend Reserve Fees?

    • $500 on 0 - 20 kilos
    • $1,000 on 20 - 50 kilos
    • $1,500 on 50 kilos and above

    How Much to Bring to Auction Site?

    • Total product for sale
    • Representative sample of total product
    • Bring product in Ag Super Sacks not larger than 4’ square, or be prepared to transfer your product to SHM Ag Super Sacks upon arrival for purchase @ $25 each (we will help transfer)
    • For biomass selling reserve, maximum of 1 representative Super Sack sample per 2,000 pounds for sale (approximate)
    • For biomass selling absolute, maximum 25 Super Sacks (call to request an exception to that rule)

    Payment for Sellers?

    •  Sellers who have sold their product will be paid before the product is permitted to leave the site
    • Sellers must submit a check for the total amount of the reserve cost when the product is checked in. That check will be held until after the seller’s transaction is complete. If the seller’s product does sell above the reserve price, the check will be returned to the seller. If the seller’s product does not sell, but is held in reserve, SHM will apply that check to pay the reserve charge.

    Consummating a Sample Product Sale:

    • The buyer will be required to pay 10% downpayment to SHM for product he has bought at auction, but that is not onsite. The buyer will also pay SHM charges.
    • The buyer and seller will have only 15 calendar days to complete their transaction, in which case the buyer will be responsible for picking up the purchased product from the seller’s location.
    • If for any reason, other than an act of God (or other extenuating circumstances approved by SHM) the buyer does not follow through to pay for and pick up the purchased product from the seller, SHM will award the seller the buyer’s deposit made at auction.
    • If for any reason, other than an act of God (or other extenuating circumstances approved by SHM) the seller does not make way for the buyer to pay for, and pick up the purchased product, the buyer will be refunded his deposit made at auction.

    Qualifying Buyers:

    • Buyers will be required to pay through bank-to-bank wire transfer with few exceptions.
    • SHM will be vetting those buyers that will not be paying through direct bank-to-bank wire transfer.
    • Sellers will be paid by SHM before their product is allowed to leave the auction site.


    This is a fact sheet, only. It does not by any means repeal or replace anything on the website with the small exception of a reduced charge for reserve fees on unsold biomass (as indicated).

    All buyers and sellers are required to abide by all terms and conditions set forth on the website before participating in the sale.



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